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is making an impact across the healthcare sector


Transformative innovation is imperative. Healthcare is a conservative sector. Collaboration within a thriving healthcare ecosystem supports open innovation and creates positive business impact. Unfortunately, “ecosystem” is becoming very often a buzzword… 

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Why are thriving ecosystems so important?

Given the pace of change in nearly every aspect of society, transformative innovation is imperative. At the same time, transformation is difficult for large established companies, especially in a conservative sector like healthcare. Open innovation – collaboration with outside entities such as startups, nongovernmental organizations, academia, state authorities, funds – is a powerful tool for exploring both new business models and technological innovation. 

A thriving ecosystem provides a healthy environment in which dramatically different types of entities can find each other and the resources they need to explore and ultimately engage in transformative innovation. 

NRETIA Health Ecosystem as a service explained

Is there something more to be done and support that process? 

As technologies and business models continue their rapid evolution, companies are experiencing a step change in the workforce skills they need to thrive and grow. In the latest McKinsey Global Survey on future workforce needs, nearly nine in ten executives and managers say their organizations either face skill gaps already or expect gaps to develop within the next five years. Respondents see a need for their organizations to address potential skill gaps in a wide range of business areas like data analytics, IT management, executive management, and several others. (McKinsey & Company Survey, 2020)

Thriving ecosystems in healthcare are giving more business opportunities and bigger impact for the involved stakeholders. Moving businesses from ‘EGO’ to ‘ECO’(system) will close the skills gaps of individual talents (IQ) by leveraging community talent (WeQ). The ecosystem approach could be even more successful when it’s provided as a clearly defined and focused external service with high level of trust among partners and respect towards diversity. This external service is based on the so-called systems thinking. It’s an approach to problem solving that views “problems” as part of a wider, dynamic system. Systems thinking involves much more than a reaction to present outcomes or events. It includes a deeper understanding of the linkages, relationships, interactions, and behaviors among the elements that characterize the entire healthcare ecosystem (see the framework below). (Systems Thinking for Health Systems Strengthening)

WHAT does NRETIA Health deliver to its customers?

If strategy is so important, why don’t we make time for it? (HBR, 2018) Strategic thinking is an essential component of leadership – and yet for many leaders, it can be nearly impossible to find time for. NRETIA Health is a trusted partner co-creating with its customers high-quality ecosystem business solutions in the healthcare sector. This external partnership could be a good opportunity for building and executing successful business strategies based on systems thinking and problem solving with clear focus on the outcomes.  

List of deliverables

  1. Strategic discussion(s) and planning
  2. Strategy execution support
  3. Project(s) setup and outcome follow-up 
  4. Business goals setup and outcome follow-up 
  5. Regular outcome follow-up meetings


Strategies are developed following the ecosystem approach with a high level of external facilitation. This approach gives new connections, insights, and problems’ solutions. It’s not just consultancy but also effective execution. People, engaged in the process from the organization’s side, can step in and out according to their short-term and long-term priorities and goals. Organizations are able more easily to access skills inside or outside of them, or even to export skills if needed in order to improve business performance and customers’ experience. “Ecosystem-as-a-service” gives additional flexibility, deeper business insights and bigger system impact of the organizations.